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10 Drills For Player Evaluation Basketball DVD

Youth Basketball Practice Organization Video with Coach Kevin Sutton, Montverde Academy Men's Basketball Head Coach, NIKE Skill Academy Instructor The task of evaluating players is common among all basketball coaches. Coach Sutton introduces innovative drills that help with evaluation and player development. The philosophy that every kid has a ball is evident in this DVD. Using chairs on the floor, the X drill works on half court ball handling and shooting. Sutton emphasizes the value of communication among players in all of these drills. Changes in speed and direction are important components of improvement. Full court drills force players to use the cross over dribble and dribble explosion in an attacking mentality. Two-ball dribbling is incorporated into the full court drills. One ball is passed to a teammate while the other is shot. The benefit of these 10 drills is player improvement and a chance to evaluate roles for each player on the team. 53 minutes. 2008.




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